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  1. Return to tournament!! Clarkey Oh poop. Thanks for the report. Sadly won't be able to get it fixed […]
  2. Return to tournament!! DDMM when finishing a game, the return to tournament button doesnt show !!!
  3. Game sheet Clarkey On a side note, you can now flip the board while playing. :)
  4. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] marcos81 I played in chess. com and i prefer lichess. First of all, it's OP […]
  5. Game sheet Clarkey Okay, there's now an option in your preferences. You can also use the […]
  6. Game sheet PigsRule Thanks, Clarkey.
  7. Game sheet Clarkey Option on the way.
  8. Game sheet PigsRule I too would like an option to disable in-game PGN. I've found it to be […]
  9. Game sheet BearJr Can I turn off the moves pilling up on my right? I turn off everything […]
  10. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] tabarjack Lichess is Open-Source... yes you can examine the source code! Liches […]
  11. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] PigsRule I agree, lichess is better. I recently visited just to look, […]
  12. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] Vlator I don't think it's a matter of discussion. Lichess it's way better.
  13. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] purefan I too like lichess a lot better than, the interface is clean […]
  14. MAD GAME !!! Kr0n0s Good recovery after blunder.
  15. Site issue CautiousKamikaze Hello Since the update, when destination highlighting was introduce […]
  16. MAD GAME !!! Kr0n0s Did you plan that or was it an accidental mate?
  17. chess960 - AI level increases […] cezarcamelo Ok - it's little data based rating. So, in the code, level 2 is more d […]
  18. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt Can you explain why?
  19. Safari 8 bug: “Create a game” […] ndc I've seen a few glitches (sound out of sync with movement by about 0.5 […]
  20. MAD GAME !!! canabidiol I do not agree
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