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  1. Filter for avoiding players pl […] Carn7vOor I tend to abort games against opponents that have played less then 100 […]
  2. MY BEST GAME Sonofthesea I'm just so happy about that game! :)
  3. Help from master needed static_shadow A yes, I missed Ra6. That is solid defense. And yes, the other sacrifi […]
  4. Help from master needed motion Im very tired but it seems black can defend that with queen d7 rook a6 […]
  5. Help from master needed static_shadow I'm no master, but I have been in these sorts of positions before. You […]
  6. Help from master needed Souvik may i have an escape root in the la […]
  7. I watch Lichess TV more than a […] woodswoods That's mean that my play was actually transmited on lichess TV for 11 […]
  8. Tactics Question Error ? No:55581 Isaiah4031 ____ Hello. Please help me... Is there a way to pull up whaterver pu […]
  9. Tactics Question Error ? No:55581 Flourish Stockfish is correct. Your tactic wins a knight, but Stockfish's is j […]
  10. Waiting until clock runs out w […] Flourish ^Check the option to automatically move to your next game on your move […]
  11. I noticed something tisnjh hehe The people with the high antichess ratings are the people who ca […]
  12. What Chess Openings are the Strongest? NM DrunkTal Focus on middle and end game first! Studying openings is fun, though. […]
  13. I noticed something ChessWhiz It's really bad when I think I'm playing antichess, and I notice it's […]
  14. Better boards for lichess? Clarkey If you can come up with a tasteful solution I don't see the harm, but […]
  15. Filter for avoiding players pl […] chess240 It's already built into the rating system and it's called rating volatility.
  16. Filter for avoiding players pl […] LM Spiritchaser84 Could you add a filter to block players that are still in their trial […]
  17. What Chess Openings are the Strongest? Hellball I'm as bad as you (but I've finally started chess study and am getting […]
  18. I watch Lichess TV more than a […] Hellball #4, I believe it was because it received too many downvotes. The wa […]
  19. Time between leaving the game […] Patchouli-Knowledge Really this mechanic should not even exist, the person should lose whe […]
  20. What Chess Openings are the Strongest? IonParticles I am a chess player with around a 1350 elo rating. I am having trouble […]
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