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Hourly Blitz 56m 58
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 49
Hourly Classical 1h 56m 44
Hourly Bullet 26m 0
Aulia 7+0 Rated 45m 3
Canal 2+2 Atom Rated 30m 4
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  1. Puzzle 38554 is wrong. Poubelle Hello, I report a wrong puzzle.…
  2. HOW TO A TITLE? Little_Bobby_Tables 1. maintain a bull…
  3. HOW TO A TITLE? Caustic I believe CM stands for candidate master, a FIDE title, and as such Li…
  4. Centipawn Loss Aditya_Basu OMG ,,how can it be 0 Centipawn loss?
  5. HOW TO A TITLE? Aditya_Basu I seen many player got fide titles overnight,i mean i saw them today a…
  6. which side will win ? DeltaPsi -4.5 is an advantage of 4.5 pawns for black. Normally (it's not this s…
  7. New icons and boards for liche… DVRazor Image not found.
  8. New icons and boards for liche… morgot Hello everybody! I have drawn new icons (as base I took classic shape)…
  9. which side will win ? electragks you mean its must win situation for black ???
  10. Which opening to choose? traps… LM Lightsss it all depends on your opponent and the stakes. in general take risks …
  11. Centipawn Loss Kilgour22 Ah okay, thank you!
  12. Centipawn Loss LM Lightsss missing an optimal mate sequence only makes you lose 0.01 per each ply…
  13. Which opening to choose? traps… Fenris1066 Traps that leave you completely lost if your opponent knows the trap s…
  14. Why don't we just make the bis… Fenris1066 "We're always saying that they are worth more. I know it depends on th…
  15. Centipawn Loss Kilgour22 If inaccuracies are X amount of cent…
  16. Suggestion for new training mo… bz A good idea, which deserves attention. See also the following item:…
  17. CR: Allow not switching sides … bz Background: To practice openings (or other positions!), it is useful …
  18. WHERE CAN I WATCH PAWN SACRIFI… MrSecertAgentMan same here i want to watch it but can't find it anywhere.
  19. how could have i done better? killerchewy The engine is right there. Look at what it says after the opening. …
  20. WHERE CAN I WATCH PAWN SACRIFI… Manglecopter Someone must know a way to upload it for everyone or find a place I ca…
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Autumn Marathon Tournament

Announcing the second edition of the glorious 24-hour chess marathon!

100,000,000 games played

Exponential growth!

Developer update

Conditional premoves for Correspondence chess players, and more goodies!