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Hourly Bullet 27m 89
Hourly Crazyhouse 27m 19
Daily Bullet 1h 1
Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 1
Hourly Blitz 57m 0
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 1
Hourly Classical 1h 57m 1
U1600 Blitz 57m 1
Elite SuperBlitz 2h 4
Kosintseva 7+2 Rated 1h 30m 22
Ivanov 1+0 Atom Rated 45m 14
Onischuk ½+0 Rated 30m 2
Cvitan 5+0 960 Rated 2h 3
von Bardeleben 7+2 Rated 2h 2
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  1. I'm terrible at endgames SelfmateMan Thats simply wrong, but i dont want to force anyone. Dont do endgames,…
  2. I'm terrible at endgames achja @SelfmateMan #3 That ... does work. U1500 player do it all the time. …
  3. Strange coincidences voronn09 If you play in tournaments then statistics can be another.
  4. New Chess Computer voronn09 Unfortunately these chess computers are now almost sold. I have Mephis…
  5. Raise That Rating - Chess YouT… finix14 Hey Reece, I have been watching your videos for a while and find them …
  6. LIve Simul MikaAlka This simul is not existing... … …
  7. I messed up in the middlegame.… finix14 So, I was playing as white, but I simply couldn't decide conclusively …
  8. Terminology on Lichess MajorBlunder Yes. And that is abit confusing sometimes.
  9. Terminology on Lichess print @MajorBlunder But each takeback is for the previous move only.
  10. Terminology on Lichess MajorBlunder 'take back' means you can go back to any position, not only the last …
  11. Terminology on Lichess print #4 #5 Mind thou language people.
  12. Arrows Appear When Computer No… Link They will appear anytime an inaccuracy/mistake/blunder is made when yo…
  13. Playing chess with old people.… SelfmateMan @Alexandra28 Did you know that chess cheerleaders jump around but dont…
  14. I'm terrible at endgames SelfmateMan No, that wont work. But you could learn how to win decisively in the e…
  15. Arrows Appear When Computer No… MrLegilimens …
  16. puzzle 31418 is wrong Ostenfelden The correct answer is to play Ra3 which gives checkmate in 5 moves but…
  17. I'm terrible at endgames droceretik Perhaps you could learn how to win decisively in the opening or middle…
  18. Terminology on Lichess SelfmateMan #4 learn to drag and drop your pieces properly, bitch :-p
  19. Terminology on Lichess jimj12 Hahaha fair enough, "proposing" then Really though, fuck everyone …
  20. Terminology on Lichess Dr_King_Schultz #2 That's begging for a takeback, not offering one. :p
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